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Metal Recycling Pick-Up

  1. Frisco Environmental Services has a curbside recycling program for metal and appliances. Frisco residents are able to use this service by scheduling a pick-up, placing their items by the curb on their scheduled pick-up date (this service occurs Thursdays) by 7 a.m., where your trash and recycling are regularly serviced. This service requires a one-time $15.00 trip fee on their next Frisco water bill.

  2. To schedule your metal and appliance pick-up, we must have a complete list of the items you would like to have picked-up. Anything not listed won't be picked up. The items must be what two Environmental Services Crew personnel can remove from the curb in 10 minutes.

    Unacceptable items include: non-metal items, electronic waste (including TVs), automotive parts, and propane tanks.

    Refrigerators and freezers must be empty and sealed shut with tape. Any food content left will result in a missed collection and incur a trip fee.

  3. If you have a question concerning an item for pick-up including questions on Freon-free tagging.

  4. Terms and Conditions*

    I understand there is a $15.00 trip charge for Metal and Recycling pick-up that will be added to my next Frisco water bill. I understand that if I do not cancel prior to the Wednesday at 7 a.m.the day before my scheduled pick-up I will still be charged $15.00 on my next Frisco water bill.

  5. Items with Freon*

    Freon is an aerosol propelled refrigerant. Items that contain Freon include: refrigerators, wine coolers, and freezers. The only way the above listed items do not contain Freon is if a licensed vendor has removed and tagged the appliance Freon-free

  6. Freon Extraction Fee*

    I accept the $40.00 fee for each item containing Freon. If any item has been certified Freon-free this fee will be waived.

  7. You will receive a confirmation email when our customer service representatives processes your request. Requests are only processed during normal business hours.

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